Good Morning Berlin

Hello, my name is Margaux. I'm a web designer, travel addict living in Berlin for a few months & an amateur photographer.


Am großen #Wannsee #Berlin (hier: Berlin - Wannsee)


Berlin, Germany

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"Der A-Teppich" von Fritz Kühn, Zentral- Landesbibliothek #Berlin (hier: Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin)


Ned Vena at Société: Menace II Société. #berlin #galleryweekend #art #installation


Florian Meisenberg at Wentrup: “Somewhere sideways, down, at an angle, but very close” #berlin #galleryweekend #art #installation (hier: Wentrup Galerie)


Sovak at Moeller Fine Art: Ansichten Berlin (1992). #berlin #galleryweekend #art (hier: Moeller Fine Art Gallery)


Am Gendarmenmarkt in Mitte #Berlin (hier: Gendarmenmarkt)


Autumn morning in Berlin (by Alexander Rentsch)


Exploring the Shinseido TokyoBerlinArtBox

The TokyoBerlinArtBox is one of the most fun gallery’s in Berlin and the only in town that focuses exclusively on modern and contemporary Japanese work. The small showroom is located  above the amazing Modulor building - a sanctuary for all things art and supplies - and selectively showcases innovative young creatives such as Hiroya Satake, Osamu Watanabe, and Aki Yamamoto. 

This October the gallery will host a solo show from charismatic twenty-something painter Sota Sato from Saitama, whose painting “Im U-Bahnhof”, is pictured above. Learn more about the ArtBox here


The well-conditioned, #tanned, thick haired guy and his chubby, #pale, bald-headed friend on the sand #beach at Kleiner Müggelsee